Is it a good time to buy property in Spain 2023?

Ever thought about owning a sun-drenched home in Spain? With 2023 upon us, many potential investors are asking: is now the right moment to dive into the Spanish property market? Let’s explore.

The Economic Landscape of Spain in 2023

Post-pandemic Recovery

Spain, like the rest of the world, felt the sting of the pandemic. However, the nation is on a solid trajectory towards economic recovery. Does this bode well for property investments? Most likely, yes.

Housing Market Trends

Since 2021, the Spanish housing market has witnessed a revival. With property prices gradually stabilising, investors worldwide see Spain as a lucrative place to buy.

Advantages of Buying a Spanish Property Now

Competitive Prices

Post-pandemic impacts led to a drop in property prices. Now’s arguably the best time to get high-value properties at relatively lower costs. Why pay more later?

Surge in Property Demand

It’s simple supply and demand. As more people eye Spain for relocation or investment, demand goes up. Wouldn’t you want to ride that wave?

Tourism Boost

Spain remains a hotspot for tourists. Buying property now could mean a steady passive income from holiday rentals. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Location Specifics

Location, location, location! Some areas in Spain are more sought after than others. Research is key. Have you considered coastal areas versus the urban centres?

Brexit’s Implications for UK Buyers

Brexit changed a lot for UK residents. It’s essential for UK buyers to understand the new rules and regulations of owning property in EU countries, Spain included.

Spanish Property Taxes

Don’t get caught out! Familiarise yourself with local property taxes and potential future changes.

Financing and Mortgage Opportunities

Mortgage Rates in Spain

Historically low mortgage rates make financing a property in Spain attractive. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Application Process

Gone are the days of tedious paperwork. Spain’s property-buying process is more streamlined than ever, but being prepared always helps.

The Allure of Costa Del Sol

When considering investing in real estate in Spain, it’s hard to ignore the charm of Costa Del Sol. This coastal region, aptly named “Coast of the Sun”, has been a magnet for those looking into real estate investment for years, and with good reason.

Why Costa Del Sol?

From Malaga to Estepona, the Costa Del Sol stretches along some of the most beautiful coastlines in Spain. Golden beaches, world-class golf courses, and vibrant towns – the region offers a mix of luxury and tradition, making it a prime location for real estate investment. The rental market here, especially in holiday homes, has always been robust.

Popular Areas to Invest in Costa Del Sol

Marbella remains the jewel of the crown. Known for its upmarket vibe, plush villas, and bustling nightlife, it’s no wonder investors worldwide flock here. Then there’s Mijas, offering a blend of the traditional Spanish lifestyle with modern amenities. Estepona, with its charming old town and beachfront promenade, is another area witnessing a surge in interest, particularly from those eyeing the rental market.

Future Projections for Costa Del Sol

There have been murmurs and speculation: “prices will fall in Spain”, some analysts say. However, while there may be slight fluctuations in certain areas, the Costa Del Sol has historically held its value. An essential factor to remember is the region’s undying appeal to both local and international buyers. Whether for personal use or as an avenue for earning rental income, real estate investment in Costa Del Sol remains promising.


As 2023 unfolds, the prospects of investing in the Spanish property market, particularly in regions like Costa Del Sol, seem brighter than ever. With prices stabilising and the rental market showing resilience, now might indeed be the perfect time to make your mark in Spanish real estate. But remember, like all investments, careful research and understanding of local nuances are paramount.


What’s the average price of property in Spain in 2023?
While it varies, coastal areas like Costa Del Sol tend to have higher rates compared to inland regions.
How has Brexit impacted property purchases for UK citizens in Spain?
Post-Brexit, UK citizens might face different taxation and property rights in Spain. It’s always best to consult with a local property advisor before making any decisions. Sunny Coast Homes has a wealth of experience in this field and would love to advise you on your options.
Are there any restrictions for foreigners buying property in Spain?
Generally, Spain is open to foreign buyers. However, the bureaucratic processes might differ, especially for non-EU citizens. It’s advised to get familiar with these before diving in.
What are the ongoing costs after buying property in Spain?
After purchasing, consider costs such as property taxes, maintenance, community charges, and insurance.
Can I get a residence permit if I buy property in Spain?
Yes, under the “Golden Visa” scheme, non-EU investors can obtain residency by investing in Spanish real estate, including areas like Costa Del Sol.

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